Louise Heron

Louise Heron

PhD Student

10 West
University of Bath
Claverton Down
United Kingdom

About Me


Academic background

I studied my Undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Dundee, graduating with a First Class Honours degree in 2014. My Undergraduate dissertation explored the influence of subliminal and supraliminal priming of watchful eyes on risky decision-making.

Following this, I then completed an MSc in Research Methods of Psychological Science at the University of Glasgow. My MSc project explored the influence of perceived facial and vocal trustworthiness, attractiveness and dominance on prosocial and anti-social decision-making.

Currently, I am conducting my PhD at the University of Bath supported by a Departmental studentship exploring the social perception of faces. More specifically, my PhD aims to explore social trait ratings across different face stimuli types (e.g., 2D, 3D, stereoscopic), and to compare explicit (e.g., rating scales) versus implicit (e.g., GSR) measures of face perception.

    2016 - present
    University of Bath

    PhD in Psychology
  • Project Title: Beyond 'standardised' face images and 'explicit' rating scales: An exploration into social trait judgements using 3D faces and implicit response measures under the supervision of Dr Anthony Little and Dr Karin Petrini
    2015 - 2016
    University of Stirling

    PhD in Psychology (transferred to the University of Bath alongside primary supervisor)
  • Studying the social perception of faces under the supervision of Dr Anthony Little and Professor Peter Hancock
    2014 - 2015
    University of Glasgow

    MSc in Research Methods of Psychological Science
  • Dissertation entitled: A face does not speak for itself: the influence of perceived facial and vocal traits on decision-making supervised by Dr Phil McAleer

Research Interests

My research primarily explores the influence of facial traits, including perceived attractiveness, trustworthiness and dominance, on behaviour and decision-making. This work is strongly situated in an evolutionary perspective. Additionally, I have a strong interest in exploring such traits in voices.

Conference Presentations


Heron, L., & Little, A.C. (2016, Poster). Handgrip strength and perceptions of aggressiveness, dominance and health in 3D male faces. International Society for Human Ethology, Stirling, United Kingdom

Heron, L., Hancock, P.B, & Little, A.C. (2016, Poster). The depth of social perception: An exploration into social trait judgements in 2D and 3D faces. European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association Conference, London School of Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom


Heron, L., DeBruine, L. M., Gill, D., Jones, B.C., Belin, P., & McAleer, P. (2015, Talk). The influence of perceived facial and vocal traits on prosocial and anti-social decision-making. Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group Conference 2015, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland


Heron, L. (2014, Talk). Eye spy with my little eye: the effect of priming watchful eyes on risky decision making, British Psychological Society Undergraduate Conference Scottish Branch 2014, Edinburgh, Scotland
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Research Visits and Workshops Attended

Research Visit

28/06/2017 - 29/06/2017
Research Trip to the TCTS Lab at the University of Mons, Belgium to work alongside Kevin El Hadded (University of Mons) and Minha Lee (Eindhoven University of Technology)


Haddad, E. L., Cakmak, H., Kim, Y., Lin, Lee, M., Kim, J., Zhao, Y., Hajj, Heron, L., Harake, K. E., & Trung, N. (2017, 3 - 28 July). End-to-End Listening Agent for Audio Visual Emotional and Naturalistic Interactions, eNTERFACE'17 Workshop, Digital Creativity Centre, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa - School of Arts, Porto, Portugal.
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