On this page you will find links to some online press articles covering the work of our lab and our collaborators

Most Recent

Science (2015): male dominance effects humour appreciation

BBC (2015): the myth of universal beauty

BBC (2014): how faces drive first impressions

Medical Express (2014): pregnancy and preferences

Indian Express (2013): men's prefernces for feminine women

The Vine (2013): men's prefernces for feminine women

United Academics (2013): men's prefernces for feminine women

Mother Nature Network (2013): disgusting pics changes preferences

Irish Examiner (2013): sunglasses

Medical Daily (2013): men's prefernces for feminine women

Jamaica Observer (2013): men might not want very attractive wives

Economist (2012): facial symmetry and health in monkeys

Mail Online (2009): beauty is relative

Planet Earth (2009): face and body in attractiveness

Daily Telegraph (April 2008): symmetry and masculinity across species and culture

LiveScience: menstrual cycle alters body preferences

ABC news (Oct 2007): politicians faces


BBC News Site

Masculinity in faces 1

Masculinty in faces 2

Pill changes preferences

Monkey faces

Comedy faces

Jealousy in men

Nov 2007: Eye gaze and attractiveness

Jan 2007: Social learning and preference


Newspaper Sites

Daily Telegraph (Oct 2007): symmetry is attractive across different cultures

Sunday Times (Dec 2006): politicians faces influence voting

Daily Telegraph: familiarity is attractive

Daily Telegraph: your own attractiveness affects your preferences

Daily Telegraph: beauty is infectious

Daily Telegraph: why cars might have faces

Daily Telegraph (1999): MegaLab 1999

The Scotsman (Nov 2004): Attraction

The Guardian (Apr 2006): Jealousy in men


Web Sites

Yourtango: men like feminine women for short-term relationships

ScienceDaily: familiarity in faces

Wellcome Trust: insights on bonding CBC: rivalry

Cosmos: symmetry

Data Lounge (2013): homosexual preferences

Psychcentral (2013): men's preferences

Business Insider (2013): men's preferences for novelty

Bokdsky (2009): why feminine men can be attractive

Nature Wolrd News (2013): what men find attractive

Counsel & Heal (2013): what men find attractive

Blog (2009): mating game

Blog (2006): Comedy faces


Comments on other studies

Huffington Post (2014): feminine preferences around the world

Science magazine (2014): feminine preferences around the world

CBS (2011): which NFL team players are most attractive?


Interactive tests

BBC science test 1

BBC science test 2