This study involves either rating faces or voices for attractiveness. You see faces and hear voices in both versions of the study.

Below is a short questionnaire we would be grateful if you would fill in. Please complete the required questions as we will not be able to use your data if you do not provide this information.

Questions marked with a * are required

*Age (in years):   

*Sex:       Male        Female 

*Where were you born? If other, please specify

*Where do you currently live? If other, please specify

Are you left- or right-handed?

Left-handed       Right-handed

Are you visually impaired (beyond needing corrective lenses, as in glasses)?:

No       Yes

Are you hearing impaired (beyond needing corrective devices, such as hearing aids)?:

No       Yes

Click below to continue. On the next page you will hear voices and then asked to rate faces for attractiveness or see faces and then asked to rate voices for attractiveness.