Study Title: Personality and the perception of dominance from faces

Background: Dominance is a quality which we can assess by examining people's faces. This makes it a construct that we can not only judge in ourselves, but also see in others. As dominance is something that we might look for in different individuals, for example in politicians during hard times, examining the assessment of dominance is crucial. Previous studies have shown that physical factors such as height impact how we see dominance in males. Additionally, make-up on a woman has been seen to change how dominant we consider her to be. In this study, we are exploring how a range of personality variables might relate to the perception of dominance. Thus, this study will explore perception of self and others using self-report personality questionnaires and facial assessment tasks.

Eligibility Requirements: To be able to take part in this study, you need to be 18 years of age.

What will I be asked to do? First, you will be asked a series of demographic questions such as age, gender, and ethnicity, as well as some personality questions. You will then be exposed to a series of two faces, side by side, and asked to choose which face is more dominant. You will then view a slideshow of new faces. Following these, you will be asked to answer some of the questions from the initial personality questionnaire before repeating the face-choice task of choosing the more dominant face. Instructions for each of these tasks will appear on the screen as a reminder.

How long will the study take? The study should last approximately 20-30 minutes

Can I withdraw from the study? Yes. Your participation is entirely voluntary. If you decide to participate you can withdraw at any point without giving reason by closing the browser window. Any collected data will then be deleted and not used in analysis. As all the data is anonymous, you will not be able to withdraw your data following the completion of the online study, as there will be no way of identifying it.

What if I need further information? Please contact Zoe Vanezis at if you would like more information, either before deciding to participate, or after having participated.

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